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Information: Royal Décor Gallery is a home décor shop located in Mcallen, TX.
Your home is your castle, and you've got a vision for how it should look! From the right lighting to the colors of the walls and materials of the floors, it's all right there in your head. Why not make that vision come to life?
We have everything you need to make your residential décor look just the way you want it to! Why not start with the base: the lighting? Do you want something bright and cheery for a room with smaller windows? Perhaps you want something that can be dimmed or brightened, depending on what you need at that moment. From recessed lighting to hanging chandeliers that make a room look like a scene from a ballroom, there's nothing we can't do! You can choose the residential and commercial lighting that will suit your needs perfectly.
What about the appearance of the room? You don't want to slip or slide on polished floors, and stone tile might even feel cold on your feet! A rug distributor like us can help you choose a piece that will really tie the room together and make walking, standing, and relaxing all a little more tempting. From classic braided rugs to tapestries that resemble artwork, we have something that will complement every space.
Which is the best furniture for your space? Do you have a taste for the delicate and antique? Or perhaps something bold and modern? Maybe you like to mix and match, creating an eclectic, creative space! Whatever you like, we'll help you find couches, chairs, tables, and more than will suit the scheme of each and every room.
Wallpaper can transform a room from a standard, dull space into something you really admire! Choose from a variety of classic or modern patterns that will bring a space to life. Do something that subtly matches your furniture, or go bold and choose a contrasting pattern! We can help you hang it correctly, so there are no errant air bubbles.
Window treatments are the final touch to a room, and can be a delightful way to control lighting and energy usage! Block out light for a bedroom, or open it up to flood a living room with natural light! Accent your décor with the right colors and patterns, or tone it down with classic solids and smooth textures.
Your home's appearance is completely up to you! Let Royal Décor Gallery help you make the most of your space, so every room feels just right. Learn More

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